What is a Top5 Colleges?

Top5 Colleges is a Virtue Analytics multiple scholarship estimator application facilitating easy comparison and evaluation of financial aid offered by various higher educational institutions. It makes comparing financial assistance offers from various colleges and universities for high school students and their families easier. The current method is time-consuming, and financial aid estimates can be misleading and confusing for students and their families.

How does Top5Colleges work?

The multiple scholarship estimator at the Top5Colleges estimates the cost of college for each student based on answers to a few easy questions, such as GPA, SAT scores, number of family members, etc. It is simple and clear to compare financial aid and scholarship data amongst higher education schools. The Top5Colleges’Multiple Scholarship Estimator can help students and their families manage their college financing sources. A standard net price calculator is more complicated to use than this tool as the multiple scholarship estimator offers better visual results than the standard one.

How simple Top5Colleges is to use?

Top5Colleges is very convenient to use and requires just a few minutes. All the user needs to do is follow the steps:

Complete Student DetailsUsers need to share a little info about the student and their families. Go over the general questions and take a quick survey to participate in the evaluation.  Academic performance is followed after generic questions, with specific questions such as your high school name, type, GPA, standardized test score, and chosen field of study being required to be answered.

Colleges to Consider: Choose the Top5Colleges in your subject of interest to which you want to apply. Select a state and a college from the drop-down menus. The estimated Cost of Attendance and Graduation Rate will be displayed.

Compare Financial-Aid: Successfully evaluate the institutions’ fees and financial aid programs. Make comparisons and make plans for students’ college careers.

Features of Top5Colleges

Easy to Understand: Candidates, parents, and guidance counselors have access to complete important information in a single framework. It’s much easier to follow tabular results.

One-Stop Solution: Provides quick access to institutional and federal/state prizes in one convenient location.

Enabling Cost Transparency: There are no hidden costs with this tool. Several tooltips and instructional films are available to assist the user throughout the process.

Instant Comparison: Quick Comparison Tool that is fast and simple to use. Built on a basic, easy-to-follow UI that can be completed in a few minutes

Fill out a college application: With the preferred school application buttons, you can quickly reach the next steps and continue with the engagement.


One of the things that set Top5Colleges apart is that it uses data from credible sources. So when the input is legitimate it leads to the closest estimated results to the user ensuring and delivering highly accurate results. Top5colleges’ Multiple Scholarship Estimator uses multiple advanced math-modeling techniques to generate the nearest estimated outcome by combining diverse sets of scores and other criteria which are considered while generating the results. The information was gathered from trustworthy sources including Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) and individual college websites.

Students & FamiliesHigh School Counselor
The Top5Colleges will assist in determining the amount of financial aid and the net amount payable. A unique estimate of a family’s net cost by performing an apple-to-apple comparison for the student.Built on an easy-to-use interface, comparison can be done in a matter of minutes for multiple colleges. The user does not need to visit individual college websites only to return perplexed but Saves time and tedious process.Quick access to the preferred school application function keys for taking the next steps and continuing the engagement. An affordably priced tool with little to no costs involved. Several tooltips and instructional videos are provided to assist the students and families throughout the process.Compare scholarships and rewards offered by your chosen universities and colleges for your students and locate the most cost-effective higher education institute for them and apply to it all in one go. The simple estimator tool, as well as the graphical illustrations, make it simple for users to understand the top five colleges contributing towards maximizing their return on education and helping them embrace the best career path. Provides instant access to an edge comparison of preferred institutions, and provides financial literacy and college cost transparency to your students to have a loan-free after college life.Better explanation to their students, as well as their families, about the colleges they wish to apply to, or which suits them best based on their financial situation, family contribution, and other factors.

How does it stand out in the market?

The Top5Colleges is a product that enables a user to draw a comparison of their desired top colleges with graduation rate, college rank, estimated out-of-pocket cost, and other information. Top5Colleges uses only credible sources for collecting data and makes sure that the user gets the closest approximate outcome. It also calculates merit individually and also considers the factors like housing options available at colleges or not, etc. which makes the generated evaluation more robust providing a holistic picture in front of a student.


If a student is dealing with a prospective freshman the multiple scholarship estimator tools will assist the user in determining the amount of financial aid you may be eligible for at various colleges and universities, as well as the actual cost you may be expected to pay toward the cost of attendance

There are several scholarships available in the market that requires specific requirements. The multiple scholarship estimator i.e. Top5 Colleges has the finest applicability in the industry for identifying which scholarships people are eligible for, depending on the information given.

Merit-based scholarships are offered, which are determined by the standards of the academic institutions and other considerations. Multiple scholarship estimator helps students figure out how much scholarship aid they’re eligible for based on their GPA/ACT/SAT score and their desired colleges.