Making the Most of the Summer Before Senior Year

At the end of the school year, you are probably experiencing mixed feelings about the coming summer and your senior year. It is important to take a breather and rest during this time; however, you should also note that summer before senior year has been a critical period for preparing applications to colleges. By making […]


What is a Top5 Colleges?

Top5 Colleges is a Virtue Analytics multiple scholarship estimator application facilitating easy comparison and evaluation of financial aid offered by various higher educational institutions. It makes comparing financial assistance offers from various colleges and universities for high school students and their families easier. The current method is time-consuming, and financial aid estimates can be misleading […]


How do you compute Expected Family Contribution?

Financing for education may be more stressful than attempting to be in the correct college. That’s what lots of families learn every day as they debate how to pay their bills. In the year 2020 around 19.4 million students enrolled in college and financial aid would be among the most crucial aspects for everyone when picking a […]


Reasons behind the Current College Enrollment decline

Earning a college degree is an integral part of the great American Dream. College education not only opens more career opportunities for individuals but also polishes their social skills. Despite these benefits, enrollments in higher education institutions have been declining for the past six years. According to studies, enrollments in four-year for-profit academic institutions decreased by […]