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Frequently Asked Questions

What will Multiple College Estimator Tool tell?

Multiple College Estimator

If you’re a prospective undergraduate student, this multiple scholarship estimator tool will help you and your family estimate the amount of financial aid you could be offered at various colleges and universities and the actual cost you may be expected to pay toward the cost of attending the college.

 In other words, you’ll have a personalized estimate of your targeted college's cost after taking your projected merit-based financial aid into account.

Who can use this Tool?

Students, parents, high school counselors, and educators

These calculators are designed for prospective undergraduate students who are U.S. citizens and permanent residents. It is not intended for use by international students, returning students, or graduate students. High School counselors and Educators can also use it to guide their students. 

How does the tool work?

A simple survey to find the financial aids for your selected colleges

You need your SAT or ACT Test Scores, Your GPA, and SAI (Student Aid Index). if you do not have an SAI, we have a calculator for you too within the tool. 

How does the tool work?

A simple survey to find the financial aids for your selected colleges

After signing in, you will be first asked questions about yourself and SAI. You can also use the SAI calculator to find your SAI.
 In the second stage, you have to submit your academic performance in high school,  and your entrance test score, and choose your desired field of study from the drop-down. 
Next, you will have to choose your top 5 colleges where you want to apply or find the financial aid amounts.
 After submitting you will be taken to the last stage of the survey result where you see the financial-aids and cost of college and your pocket cost for all selected colleges in a single view. Super easy to compare and plan for your college finance.
How accurate is the tool?

Based on the information you provide

Your results from our calculators will be only as reliable as the information you provide. Keep in mind that the calculated amount of financial aid is an estimate, not an official offer. The estimate provided using these calculators does not represent a final determination, or actual award, of financial aid. The price of attendance and other factors may change

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