About Top5 Colleges

Top5 Colleges is a platform launched by Virtue Analytics Inc. We provide high school students and their families with an easy way to compare financial aid across multiple colleges and universities. The current process of searching and determining the costs associated with various colleges and comparing them is very time-consuming, and financial-aid estimates are confusing for students and their families. Virtue Analytics provides an opportunity for students to take a single survey and compare the amount of financial aid they can potentially receive across hundreds of colleges and universities. We can provide an apples-to-apples comparison, and the process is neither confusing nor time-consuming. The ‘Top Five College’ is an essential tool for high school counselors who help students plan for college and determine their top choices.

We provide an easy to compare financial aid and scholarship estimates across multiple colleges and universities. High school counselors, Students, their families, and independent counselors can all easily plan their college finance and take better decisions based on the Top5Colleges’ Multiple Scholarship Estimator tool.

Financial Aid/ Scholarship

Get a projected estimate of the merit-based scholarships the student will get from various colleges of their choice.

Personalized Estimation

The financial estimation after taking into account the academics, standardized test scores and Expected Family Contribution.

Easy Comparison

With the ease-to-use tool the user will get the cost of attendance (direct and indirect costs), financial aid, and actual out of pocket cost for the selected colleges at one glance.

Want to compare the scholarships provided by the colleges and universities of your choice?