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Multiple Scholarship Estimator
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Compare financial aids across multiple colleges.
Personalized Calculator for High School Students and Parents to plan college financial success. Super easy to use, get financial aid offered by various universities and colleges on a single view in a few minutes.

Why you should use Top5 Colleges - Multiple Scholarship Estimator

If you are a meritorious, high school student looking for financial aid, you are at the right place. College loans are increasing at a tremendous rate, affecting the lives of students and their families.
We are here to help you with our Multiple Scholarship Estimator.

We believe that attending a top college is affordable, and we are committed to helping you find the right financial aid and college education you deserve. Financial Aids are complicated, and it is a time-consuming process. Therefore, with our tool, we can help you in planning your college financial success in a simple survey. You can save yourself from college debts, focus more on your college performance, and give yourself a career advantage.

Top5 Colleges is a revolutionary tool, which ensures that students and their families have detailed, quick, and easy access to the college costs and financial aid information, of various colleges in a single view, they need to plan about the college cost.

It shows the estimated pocket cost from the cost of colleges once the financial aid is factored in, thus helping the students understand and plan for what their college will actually cost.

About Top 5 Colleges -
Multiple Scholarship Estimator

With our Multiple Scholarship Estimator Tool, we provide high school counselors and their students with an easy way to compare financial aid across multiple colleges and universities. The current process is very time-consuming, and financial aid estimates are confusing for students and their families. We provide an opportunity for students to take a single survey and compare what amount of financial aid they can potentially receive across hundreds of colleges and universities.

​We provide an apple-to-apple comparison, and the process is not confusing or time-consuming. The ‘Top Five Colleges’ is an essential tool for high school counselors who help students plan for college and determine their top five choices.

Want to compare the scholarships provided by the Top 5 Colleges of your choice?

How does Top5 Colleges work?

Complete Student's Profile

Register and provide your basic information with demographic details. Compute Expected Family Contribution.

Fill Academic Performance

Fill your high school academic performance and entrance test scores with desired field of study.

Select Your Colleges

Select colleges/ universities in your desired field. Choose from the list of colleges across multiple states.

Compare Scholarship

Get the fee details and financial aid offered by the colleges. Compare and plan for your financial success.

Customers Testimonials

Susan Basil King
President & CEO, Wallin Education Partners
Top5 by Virtue Analytics is a breakthrough tool to improve college access and success. A great tool for applicants to upload their financial aid letters and get an accurate comparison of the financial aid.

Benefits of Using Top 5 Colleges

Quick Comparison

Provides immediate access to a side-by-side comparison of preferred institutions supporting one of the most important decisions in the student's journey.

Fast & Easy-to-Use Tool

Built around an easy-to-use interface that is simple to follow and can be completed within a couple of minutes.

Easy to Understand

Critical information is at the fingertips of candidates, parents, and guidance counselors. Tabular results make it easy to follow.

Transparent Affordability

An affordable tool with no hidden prices. Multiple tooltips and helpful videos to support the user throughout the process.

Streamlined Visibility

Gives concise visibility to institutional and Federal/State awards all in one place.

Apply to College

Quick access to perform the next steps and continue the engagement with the preferred school application buttons.

Compare scholarships provided by your dream colleges and universities.