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The 4-simple steps to your college financial fit
Complete Student's Profile

Register and provide your basic information with demographic details. Compute Expected Family Contribution.

Fill Academic Performance

Fill your high school academic performance and entrance test scores with desired field of study.

Select Your Colleges

Select colleges/ universities in your desired field. Choose from the list of colleges across multiple states.

Find Your Fit

Review and compare colleges. Shortlist your favorites and dive deeper into each to make a well-informed decision.

Why Top5 Colleges?

Helping your child achieve their college dreams is every parent’s wish. But often, when they consider the costs, it feels like an impossible dream. We know how many hours they spend looking for a college that fits their budget, only to end up confused by the different details from various colleges.

That’s where Top5 Colleges comes in! It’s a fantastic tool that lets you compare colleges side by side. It shows you the actual costs and financial aid options, all neatly organized in one place.

Customer Testimonials
Dr. Heather McCowen
Dr. Heather McCowen
College Consultant
Working with Virtue Analytics and their Top5 Colleges tool has been a game-changer for me. It's a massive time-saver, allowing me to compare net price calculators from multiple colleges with just one student's info. The accuracy is impressive, giving me predictive data on college costs, helping families plan budgets effortlessly. It's become an essential part of my practice, saving me hours outside client meetings. I highly recommend Virtue Analytics' Top5 Colleges tool.
Susan Basil King
Susan Basil King
President & CEO, Wallin Education Partners
Top5 by Virtue Analytics is a breakthrough tool to improve college access and success. A great tool for applicants to upload their financial aid letters and get an accurate comparison of the financial aid.

Benefits of Top5 Colleges
Save Time & Effort

Our intuitive interface saves hundreds of hours of research, empowering you to concentrate on what truly matters—your future

Clear Cost Comparisons

Get a transparent breakdown of costs. Easily understand and compare the true expenses, making informed financial decisions for your education journey.

Extensive Database

Access information from over 1,600 colleges. Effortlessly compare scholarships & aid, and net prices from multiple colleges in one place.

Your Clarity, Our Priority

Discover Your Financial Fit: Easily Compare Scholarships & Aid While Exploring Colleges

Compare Colleges Now
Save Time & Money!

Access Your 3-Day Free Trial Using Code ​TRYTOP5

Limited Time Offer. No Credit Card Required.